Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Bags...


Catie's bags 1

Catie's bags 2
Catie's bags 3
More PVC covered bags and a Yummy Mummy bag (the Red one!)
Kylie and Katherine (my Sewing Sisters) have gone away on their quarterly sewing weekend. I am meant to be joining them in spirit, on the other side of the country, but am procrastinating very successfully. Firstly, I have been online & purchased some lovely Heather Ross 'West Hill' Matryoshka fabric from Caty Lou Quilts, & now I am posting on our blog. I am meant to be making this bag...
'Dolcetto' by Melly and Me
...out of some yummy fabrics that Kylie gave me for my birthday!
(*see PS below*)
Better get to it, look out for a post from Kylie, full of the all the wonderful things she has sewn over the weekend.
With Love
PS - Monday 11th August
Dolcetto - exterior
My New Dolcetto Bag - just to prove I made it ;-)


Krafty KJ said...

Well I hope you got the bag finished without too much more procrastination... I discovered on my weekend of sewing that you don't get much done when you go away with a 3 month old and spend 24hours reverse sewing!!

Traceylea said...

This bag is just gorgeous, i am going to have put an order in. Love the material.Your works of art are very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Great bag Janelle! You always come up with such cute fabric combinations. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your Dolcetto Janelle!!!!! Yay, what a great job and I hope you are loving it! I am looking forwrad to a few quick bag or toy projects now after my 6 week marathon quilt!! Have a great weekend =)

LynnC said...

Your bags are adorable! So sister got all of the creative DNA in our family so I always admire such talent.

Kel said...

You guys are inspiring! My crafting days are a dim memory but I hope to blow off the dust and get back into some fun "me time" soon!

Micki said...

Well, your Threads of Friendship poem is lovely and I love all your bags...I enjoy making bags too, and mostly do bags which are machine embroidered. Loved your blog!