Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 1st Blog Post (with a little help).

After returning from Perth at least 5kg heavier (mostly due to fabric... I think) and then receiving three parcels similar to those in Kylie earlier post, I began to get a little stressed at the quantity of fabric I had acquired for my stash... So it was time to make a few presents. I knew our friend was pregnant with a baby girl after two boys, so bring on the pink quilt. I used most of the pink gingham and floral flannels I had bought from Textile Traders... A simple but effective quilt –

Baby girl quilt

Baby girl quilt2

With four children it is most weeks that I have to solve the “birthday gift challenge”. So back to the stash I went this week to make some pencil rolls for two presents. My son was given a similar thing for Christmas that a friend had made out of an old pair of jeans & has loved it. A lovely way to give beautiful pencils the respect they deserve... Of course I couldn’t stop at making only one or two... I’ve made 12 so far...

Pencil Rolls 

Pencil Rolls2

I think that has made a little dint on the stash... maybe...?

We’re off on holidays and heading north this week. Here is a picture of a corner in my front room...


We are taking the Jayco camper trailer, so packing in plastic crates in easiest... notice the holes in the wall? No, that is not normal or the result of my 3 year olds tantrum. After 5 years of enjoying life in a mud brick house in a bushy area on a dirt road, I AM OVER HAVING AN OUTDOOR LAUNDRY!! So hopefully when I return, our builder will have worked his magic and we will have a new indoor and dirt free laundry. I’ll let you know...

1 post down, many to go.

Katherine xx

PS Happy 9th Birthday to James, Love Mum (Janelle), Dad & Rachel xx xx

Saturday, June 27, 2009

building buying baking and bludging

Taking my inspiration from Janelle for a bit of alliteration in the heading…. 


The Zig Zag Quilt is building into a gorgeous project, all those yummy Amy Butler fabrics have come together beautifully, this is the project on the top of the list to finish after church tomorrow.  The Wee Princess has already claimed this quilt for her bed, it should look great all quilted up.  This Zig Zag design would make a great Boy’s quilt, my Dad’s in need of a quilt so I might have to keep an eye out for some fabric, the stash has a bit of a female flavour.  Always looking for an excuse to buy more fabric!


I bought these cute new shoes on Friday.  They were in the discount bin at one of our local shoe shops.  I have seen them inside for twice the price, so when I saw they had my size I snapped them up.  I have very average sized feet so I very rarely find discount shoes, woo hoo!  The brand is Swimming With Sharks and they have some very cute shoes.  I would have bought red ones but they didn’t have any red left :(


We will have some time for baking over the next few weeks so when I saw this mini bundt cake baking tray half price it came home with me too!  So tonight after hearty soup and pane di casa we whipped up a batch of vanilla mini bundts with lemon glaze…… and my DH has just delivered a nice cuppa tea, a perfect match.  The Wee Princess offered to sample the icing, a number of times….


And so to bludging, according to the Aussie Slang Dictionary:

Bludger : lazy person, layabout, somebody who always relies on other people to do things or lend him things

It’s the Winter School Holidays here, two wonderful weeks of sleeping in, PJ Days, baking, sewing, no rushing about, watching movies, reading, endless pots of tea, play days, friends, catching up, a bit of window shopping, hot chocolates at Handorfs, yippee! (I’m just not thinking about the fighting kids, guilt, kilo’s and cabin fever…I’m not!) As you can see above our dog Lucy has been practicing  for the holidays already, she knows how to chill out.

So I’ll attempt to capture a bit of the lazy holidays and share it with you lovely folk.

Love and Hugs

Friday, June 26, 2009

Winter Warmers

It actually feels like winter has finally come to Perth, & with it the chilly temps & the lovely downpours of rain – but alas, no snow. We made our favourite winter weather dessert this week, Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding.

June 26th 006

(It’s not that pretty, but it tastes so good!)

The recipe came from ‘The CWA Cookery Book and Household Hints’ – page 109 if you have a copy at your house. I actually have 2 copies of this trusty recipe book, mine (45th edition circa 1997) and my Nanna’s (11th edition circa 1951! – I really must restore this precious treasure)  

June 26th 005

Yes, I managed some more bag sewing – for belated birthday presents (Ros, you know what I’m talking about). They are both very happy in their new homes.

June 26th 001 June 26th 002

Here are some more photos from my recent fabric purchases – some Christmas in July fabrics & some gorgeous Farmers Market fabrics by Sandi Henderson.

June 26th 010 June 26th 011

One last photo, looked what arrived in the post this week.

June 26th 009

This was the Homespun Mailbag prize I won back in May – 6 Mam’zelle buttons by Robert Gordon Pottery.

With Love

Janelle xx

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Week that Was.

There were 2 highlights from this (almost) past week, the first one was the Craft Night held at work on Wednesday night. We had over 100+ ladies come for a ‘one night only’ evening of bargain fabric shopping – all the craft fabrics were $6 per metre & we had fat 1/4’s for $2, plus lots more bargains. I made 2 more bag samples for the evening, they are from the New Look pattern 6467. My boss chose the colours & fabrics for the bags, the red one is in Fremantle Dockers colours (Australian Rules Football) – red, white, purple & green (My DH thoroughly approves).

June 21th 001 June 21th 003

I also managed to add to my own personal stash, it will take a few photos to showcase all my purchases! Here is the first selection – black, white & yellows.

June 21th 009 

June 21th 010

The fabrics are from Timeless Treasures and Michael Miller, I particularly love the yellow birds in the trees.

The other highlight was last night, both my precious cherubs performed in the Southern Cross Dance School concert – James in Junior Hip Hop & Rachel in Ballet. All the practice, hard work & dress rehearsals really paid off. Well done your guys, I am very proud of you :)

June 21th 007 June 21th 008

James striking a pose, & Rachel (in the green peasant dress) with Lara (the little pink blossom on the left)

With Love

Janelle xx

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Wrap Up….

It’s taken me this long to recover from our trip to Perth and to find a few minutes to put this post together! And I did my back in lugging the excess luggage that arrived by post on Friday morning!! (Just kidding….about the back that is!)

IMGP1696 IMG_4932

Wow, what a time. The bank balance is a little depleted and so is the sleep bank. Katherine, Abigail and I arrived home late and I finally slipped into bed at 3am….then I had to get up and go to work!  We had a wonderful time and didn’t waste a single minute. 


Lot’s of lovely sewing and time spent investing in our very special friendship.  Janelle and Katherine finished their Zig Zags, mine’s still waiting to be finished….tomorrow. 

IMG_4923 IMG_4924 

Abigail had a lovely time too… hee hee isn’t she gorgeous.

While at Paper Fusion we saw the most gorgeous framed paper art, we had to buy up a few paper pads and instead of sewing my quilt top together like I should have I popped into IKEA and got a frame and made this….


Katherine and I are also part of a group we call “Secret Women’s Business”. We each take a turn organising a girls night out.  Mine happened to be the Saturday night after our return from Perth. So taking some inspiration from my big frame I did a scaled down version.  The girls all did a great job and went home with a little frame of their very own.



Didn’t they do a great job, so simple and yet so effective.

One last photo just for Rachel…..thanks for letting me stay in your lovely room…..smooooochy smooch :) XXxxOOoo


Love ya

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Up, Up and Away…

June 9th 007

DH has just taken the Sewing Sisters to the Airport (sniff, sniff), I miss them already :( We have just had the most amazing couple of days - which have including fabric shopping, chocolate, fabric shopping, sewing, fabric shopping, lots of laughs & late nights, fabric shopping… Thank you Kylie & Katherine (& Abigail) for coming to Perth, I am so blessed to have you as my friends. Also a HUGE Thank You to Darren, James & Sarah - Bruce, Josh, Emily & Oliver for sharing your Wives/Mums with me.

Late last night we decided that today we would make a Anna Maria Horner ‘Taxi Tote’ – a pattern from her latest book called Seams to Me (BTW, have you seen the photos on her blog of her baby Roman – what a cutie). These are our creations.

June 9th 006

One last thing before I go grab another tissue. Kylie and I took a vote and have unanimously decided that Katherine should be a member of the ‘Threads of Friendship’ blog – YAY. Welcome Aboard Katherine, we know everyone will enjoy seeing all your fabulous creations as much as we do!

With Love


More Progress

June 8th 006

Janelle’s Quilt

June 8th 004

Katherine’s Quilt

June 8th 010

Katherine’s Apron Wrap

June 8th 003

My Favourite Photo this extra long weekend!

The lack of text is due to a Very Late night and too much laughter :) One more day to go…

Love the Sewing Sisters XXX

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Zig Zag Update & some more Fabric Shopping

June 5th 004


June 5th 005

Kylie’s Zig Zag

June 5th 006

Katherine’s Zig Zag

(I am still ironing & cutting out!)

We went out & about today, visiting Balcatta Textile Traders for a wee bit more fabric shopping, Hot Possum (for a bit of the same), Paper Fusion & Woolly Lattes for Morning Tea. Look at the excess luggage these girls have to take back!

June 5th 001

June 5th 002

We are off to the Perth Upmarket in the city tomorrow, looking forward to seeing some great WA crafters & artisans with their fabulous creations.

With Love

J, K & K xx

Friday, June 5, 2009

They’re Here!

June 4th 002

Look who arrived Safe and Sound!

(TassieRobyn, wish you were here with your matching Colorado’s!)

We have already done some SERIOUS fabric shopping at my work, and had lunch with Lisa & Susan at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley. Tonight the sewing begins, watch out for some Zig Zag updates over the next few days. Got to get back to my guests :)

With Love

Janellybelly, Smileykylie & Krafty KJ (& Abigail)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Drum Roll Please…..

June 1st 004 June 1st 005 June 1st 006

I was trying to be tricky with the photos, but I really can’t expect you to squint & read the name :) So without further ado, the winner of the Fabric Giveaway is….

Congratulations Mary, I will email you so I can get your postal address & pop your prize in the post.

I went to the WAMED Festival (West Australian Middle Eastern Dance) Tapestry Gala Concert on Saturday night with my dear friend Mog (aka Monique) – it was amazing (thanks for inviting me along sweetie).

My co-worker Yvonne has been making samples for an up & coming craft night that we are hosting at work in June. She bought some great patterns at the recent Craft Fair, & combined them with some of the fabrics that are in store at the moment.

June 1st 002

The ‘Petals’ cushion by Hot Possum

June 1st 003

The Yin-Yang bag by Scrap-bags (Jamie Kalvestran)

(I think Yvonne needs to start a blog!)

3 more sleeps :)

With Love