Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thursday nights at our place...

Thursday nights at our place involve a family activity that we all love.  It's pasta night, spag bol night.  Almost two years ago we started making the pasta ourselves, everyone gets involved and it's lot's of fun.


It now means that spag bol night is not a quick meal thrown together at the last minute like it used to be.  It takes a little more time and preparation but the time spent together is priceless. We are making memories as well as fresh yummy pasta.


Eggs and flour. How easy is that.



Crafty stuff....


I finished both my stitcheries from Glen Harrow stitch-in and now just need to put them together into their finished pieces.  I have loved doing a bit of embroidery and red work, it's very relaxing and nice to sit by the window in the afternoon sunshine and stitch.



We recently planted our vegies in our new Earth Boxes.  We'll have to let you know how they go, the kids are very excited about growing our own strawberries too this year, here's hoping that we have success!


more yum!


Couldn't resist putting in this beautiful photo of some roses that my friend Nicole picked from her own garden, the fragrance is almost hypnotic, pure pleasure given to us by our Creator.

Until next time, enjoy making happy memories too

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Finished Table Runner & other Bits & Pieces.

Here it is!

Finished table runner 1

Finished table runner 2


I am so pleased with how it has turned out, it goes perfectly on my coffee table.

On Thursday afternoon (23rd/10) we took the kids to Fremantle to see the MV Doulos, a Christian ship dedicated to serving the needs of the world. We spent some money at the on-board bookshop, had dinner with some of the crew and went for a tour - all without my camera - ARGH! A photo of our thank you card will have to suffice.


Bev has started a new blog called Kainga Happenings, go and check it out and welcome her to Blogland (such a happy place to be!)


* Helen from Hugs from Helen is giving away 5 new patterns 
* Gail from Gail Pan Designs has a Christmas Stitchery pattern to giveaway

* Leanne Beasley from Leanne's House has 3 new patterns to giveaway

* Janelle Wind from The Janelle Wind Collection has a Christmas pattern giveaway too

* Kim at Camp Whimsy is having a fantastic giveaway, just discovered her blog & it's a great read. *ALL GIVEAWAYS HAVE FINISHED*

Such wonderful crafty generosity! Kylie and I will be having another giveaway coming up very soon :) I was the lucky winner of the Bedside Companions pattern giveaway from Trudi at Trudi's Craft Room - see below...


We are off to my SIL's 40th Birthday breaky this morning - Happy Birthday Gillian :)
With Love

Janellybelly xx


Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been a while...

My goodness has it really been that long since I did a post!

So much has been happening I haven't had time to sit at the computer longer than checking the emails.  Poor Janelle has been keeping our blog afloat and moving house, Janelle you're a star girl!

So what lovely things have I been up to?


Today I sat out on our deck in the sunshine and did some Christmas present stitching.  Some choccy slice and a cuppa with Lucy my canine shadow keeping me company, I was living the dream today.


What can I say about the Stitch-in at Glen Harrow a few weeks ago other than pure bliss, Katherine, wee Abigail, my Mum and I had the most glorious day.  We missed not having Janellybelly there too, maybe next year...  Here's a few more photos that capture a little of what it was like. Check out Rosie and Leanne's blog for more scrumptious photo's.


I've had a bit of happy mail too, the pattern for artsy-crafty babe's short and sassy pleated bag arrived.


I had to make two immediately in some beautiful Lara Cameron fabric that I've been hoarding until just the right pattern came along. I love Lara's fabric, it's very delicious.  She has just started printing it herself too and you can check out the progress here.  I've had a few requests for short and sassy Christmas presents.....I better get sewing!


Recently we headed down to the beach for the school holidays and this has to be my favourite snap of our time away.  It sometimes takes 5 year old eyes to spot the magical things among the ordinary. " Don't step on the Fairy Circle Mummy!!" 

The kids and I had the most hilarious night the other evening. After seeing Jet Designs Yearbook photo's we had to have a go, you really must check it out at www.yearbookyourself.com

1960 1960
1966 1966

Those of you who know who this is might get a giggle too...

james 1970

Well I guess I really must be getting the dinner ready, the natives are hungry and threatening to riot.  Promises that it won't be so long next time!

Hugs :)Kylie

Almost done!

Just a quick blog post to show you where I'm up to with the table runner. Its all pinned up and ready for quilting - Yay! I do feel like I have got over my crafty slump :)

Mr Postman also dropped off another parcel, it contained my kit from the Glen Harrow Stitch-in with Rosalie and Leanne.
There's even a card with a photo of Kylie & Katherine (& baby Abigail) with Rosalie & Leanne. Thanks ever so much Kylie, for collecting my kit & posting it off to me - love you sewing sister!
With Love
Janellybelly xx
PS 22/10/08 Look what's finished!
Finished table runner 2
PPS here's a link to another cool giveaway from Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Progress Report

Just wanted you to know I HAVE been working on my table runner project, as promised - in between going away to Yallingup with friends on the weekend, getting the kids ready for their new school and DH ready for his new job (Associate Pastor at Encounter Church).

I saw this great bag on the weekend & asked the owner if I could take a photo of it - she got all embarrassed and was wondering how she would explain what she was doing to her DH. I came up with a quick idea and started saying - "Look honey, its Meg Ryan. Can I take your photo please". She was blushing & having a good giggle in the end. Here is the photo, check out her cool shoes too.


Oh yes, back to the table runner...

I needed 50 charm squares for the project and only had 29 in the pack - so I hit my fabric stash & found some 'Meadow Waltz' range of fabrics, also from Kansas Troubles Quilters, that tone in beautifully.



6 down, 44 to go :)

With Love

Janellybelly xx

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Accountability Please

Now that we are fully moved in, I thought I would show you a little peak at my craft room. I have always wanted an IKEA Expedit storage system for my bits and pieces, but haven't been able to get one as yet. They say 'necessity is the mother of invention' so I got to thinking and came up with this...


This is my storage cube, made from 3 bookcases stacked on top of each other :) This will do the trick until I can buy my Expedit!

Now for the accountability. Its been a while since I've sewn anything (due to shifting house) and I have lost my groove a bit. To get back on track, I have set myself a challenge to finish this.

The 'Festive Charm Table Runner' is created by Ruth Buchanan and is in the latest issue of Australian Country Threads magazine Vol.8 No.12. I will be making mine using Moda - Cranberry Wishes fabric (that Katherine gave to me for my birthday in July). Ruth has used the 'Peace on Earth' range for hers. I shall fight procrastination and get it done - and have lots of fun doing it too :)
Happy Birthday to my Big Brother - 'Bradley Anderson Norris' for tomorrow (9th October). Love ya Bro :)
With Love
Janellybelly xx
PS More great giveaways at this blog Fall into Fall Quilters Blog

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Mail

happy mail

I'm back - again! Our shift went extremely well and we are 3/4's settled in to our new home in Ellenbrook, Western Australia. You wouldn't believe how close we are to the Swan Valley, known for its great food and wine - Yummy! The photo above is of the first mail I received at our new address. The postcard is from my friend Katherine, who is tripping around South Australia with her DH and 4 kids - one of then has the chicken pox - and I thought I had it hard :) You will be happy to know that Rachel is almost over her bout of them. The parcel is from Sarah and contains these marvelous goodies...

happy mail 2

I love Sarah's blog, she has great crafty 'eye candy' and yummy recipes! Thank You ever so much Sarah :)

The craft room should be up and running by the end of the week, so I should have my own 'eye candy' to post about soon - can you tell I love Kath and Kim? Happy crafting everyone!

With Love

Janellybelly xx

PS *Another Giveaway alert* Amanda Brooke is having a pattern giveaway, there are 3 to choose from!