Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thursday nights at our place...

Thursday nights at our place involve a family activity that we all love.  It's pasta night, spag bol night.  Almost two years ago we started making the pasta ourselves, everyone gets involved and it's lot's of fun.


It now means that spag bol night is not a quick meal thrown together at the last minute like it used to be.  It takes a little more time and preparation but the time spent together is priceless. We are making memories as well as fresh yummy pasta.


Eggs and flour. How easy is that.



Crafty stuff....


I finished both my stitcheries from Glen Harrow stitch-in and now just need to put them together into their finished pieces.  I have loved doing a bit of embroidery and red work, it's very relaxing and nice to sit by the window in the afternoon sunshine and stitch.



We recently planted our vegies in our new Earth Boxes.  We'll have to let you know how they go, the kids are very excited about growing our own strawberries too this year, here's hoping that we have success!


more yum!


Couldn't resist putting in this beautiful photo of some roses that my friend Nicole picked from her own garden, the fragrance is almost hypnotic, pure pleasure given to us by our Creator.

Until next time, enjoy making happy memories too


Janellybelly said...

Kylie, your homemade pasta is the BEST! It has ruined me for the instant stuff ;P
Love ya
Janelle xx

Roseanne said...

it look like you had fun with your family making pasta. It look good .

Anonymous said...

Your homemade pasta look so good. Your friend's pink rose is very pretty.

Bronwyn said...

Congrats on winning the Sewjourn day-out! Me too - looking forward to meeting you then!

Margaret said...

Thanks fo telling me I had won at Janelle Wind. I have been busy and hadn't looked around the blogs. Home made pasta looks great I see the Cook and the chef making it and think or too hard.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Homemade pasta is the best!! I have a pasta machine - I must admit it hasn't had much use lately! Thanks for inspiring me to get it out again. Your roses are wonderful.

Krafty KJ said...

That pasta looks fantastic and reminds me that I haven't got our machine out for some time!! Here's to many more hours stitching by the window!!

Kim G. said...

Yum Indeed!! Guess I'll put pasta roller machine on the Christmas Wishlist!! Everything makes better made from scratch!