Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been a while...

My goodness has it really been that long since I did a post!

So much has been happening I haven't had time to sit at the computer longer than checking the emails.  Poor Janelle has been keeping our blog afloat and moving house, Janelle you're a star girl!

So what lovely things have I been up to?


Today I sat out on our deck in the sunshine and did some Christmas present stitching.  Some choccy slice and a cuppa with Lucy my canine shadow keeping me company, I was living the dream today.


What can I say about the Stitch-in at Glen Harrow a few weeks ago other than pure bliss, Katherine, wee Abigail, my Mum and I had the most glorious day.  We missed not having Janellybelly there too, maybe next year...  Here's a few more photos that capture a little of what it was like. Check out Rosie and Leanne's blog for more scrumptious photo's.


I've had a bit of happy mail too, the pattern for artsy-crafty babe's short and sassy pleated bag arrived.


I had to make two immediately in some beautiful Lara Cameron fabric that I've been hoarding until just the right pattern came along. I love Lara's fabric, it's very delicious.  She has just started printing it herself too and you can check out the progress here.  I've had a few requests for short and sassy Christmas presents.....I better get sewing!


Recently we headed down to the beach for the school holidays and this has to be my favourite snap of our time away.  It sometimes takes 5 year old eyes to spot the magical things among the ordinary. " Don't step on the Fairy Circle Mummy!!" 

The kids and I had the most hilarious night the other evening. After seeing Jet Designs Yearbook photo's we had to have a go, you really must check it out at

1960 1960
1966 1966

Those of you who know who this is might get a giggle too...

james 1970

Well I guess I really must be getting the dinner ready, the natives are hungry and threatening to riot.  Promises that it won't be so long next time!

Hugs :)Kylie


Janellybelly said...

Great Blog post Sewing Sister! I can't help laughing at those yearbook photos.
Janellybelly xx

Lara said...

OMG, those bags turned out so cute!! Thanks so much for the mention and kind words :)

Krafty KJ said...

Well it was a great update after a long break... would love a copy of the Abigail photo...Can't wait until next year.

Carin said...

love the bags! Thanks for the update and the pictures are lovely

Bev C said...

Gosh those bags look great don't they. Although those old photo's are even better.

RebeccaMom said...

I love the new look on the blog! The bags are great- nice fabric choices :)

Margaret said...

Fairy circles, fantastic fabric, old photos . Ain't life great.

Anonymous said...

These photos are awesome! Facebook yourself is so funny! Your pics look great!!! And your bags.... LOVE THEM!