Friday, August 28, 2009

Babushka Bag for a Yummy (soon to be) Mummy

August 28th 005

Rachel’s beloved teacher Mrs. K started her maternity leave this afternoon, (there were many tears in our house last night). They had a fabulous surprise class party today which Rachel helped organize. She also asked me to make something special for her special teacher (‘and make sure it has black & white in it, she LOVES black and white”) – this is what I came up with.

August 28th 003

August 28th 004

The bag pattern is an AMH Taxi Tote (from her book ‘Seams to Me’). The Babushka’s are a Melly and Me design – they were made for each other!

It also happened to be the 64th anniversary of Book Week – celebrated in schools throughout Australia. I, like many Mums this week, managed to pull something together for DS to wear.

August 28th 002

James – AKA Zac Power

(complete with Spy Pad, made by DH!)

Both Katherine and Kylie will be at the Babies and Children’s Market (& car Boot Sale) at One Community Church tomorrow – Saturday 29th August from 9-2pm at 184 Surrey Road, Blackburn, VIC. Kylie and Katherine have been sewing up a storm, go along to see (& buy) some of their fabulous creations in the flesh.

With Love


Monday, August 24, 2009

Saved from an emergency!!

I have been sewing away making things for a couple of upcoming markets where I will have stalls (hence the animals in my last post). It is at times like this one has a long list of “to makes” and a number of projects to finish off. It is NOT the time for your ever faithful sewing machine to die!!

It was 1pm and I was finishing up some new baby toys I’d made when the tension died and a curly mass of thread appeared underneath the fabric on every line I sewed…NOOOOOOOOO!!! What was I to do with only 5 days of sewing before the market? … Ring mum… “Something terrible has happened…” She was relieved to hear that a dead sewing machine was as bad as it got…

A couple of hours later this was the sight on my front table…


Can you tell which one is still working? The one on the left is mum’s  - I am missing the magnetic strip that holds my pins though… must get mine serviced. Thanks mum for coming to the rescue – it’s a bonus that they are the same model machine so no adjusting to do.

I kept sewing last night and finished these baby toys. I’m pleased with the way they turned out as they’ve been merely an idea in my head for a number of years now.


Here’s to the faithful sewing machine- which will remain more reliable if I get it serviced more regularly!!!


Happy stitching to you all!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing Therapy & a Kindred Spirit Catch Up

I have been sick (I know I’m not the only one) and have lost my voice since Sunday - my DH says it’s been quite peaceful around the house! I have immersed myself in sewing therapy, and have been making plenty of noise with my trusty Janome.

August 19th 001 August 19th 021

These bags are based on the ‘Naomi’s Little Carry Bag’ pattern by Rosalie Quinlan. The scooter bag is for Kiara in Adelaide (see below) and the Pink Eiffel Tower bag is a sample for work.

August 19th 019

This bag is a ‘Not Another Green Bag’ by Red Mumma. I bought the pattern at the Amitie stand at the Craft Fair earlier this year. I can’t wait to make some more.

I have also made 12 table runners for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Conference that I am involved in this weekend in Baldivis.

On Saturday I had the joy of catching up with my Bosom Friend and Kindred Spirit Claudine, she was visiting briefly from Adelaide – she came over to meet her new nephew Callum & visit precious family & friends. She came bearing gifts, look at this gorgeous knitted bag she had made for me (from a Better Homes and Gardens pattern), as well as these gorgeous flowers.

August 19th 017  August 19th 015

August 19th 010

Me and Claudy :)

I have been reading whilst resting up too, look what treasure I found at the library this time.

August 19th 004 August 19th 005

The 2nd photo is of the Monkey Business Quilt by Laurraine Yuyama of Patchwork Pottery. I have also finished Queen of Swords – book 5 in the Wilderness Saga by Sara Donati.

We have almost reached 100 blog posts – YAY. The Sewing Sisters and I are hatching a plan to celebrate, we’ll keep you posted.

With Love


Monday, August 17, 2009

A dabble here and a dabble there

I’ve decided I’m a serious dabbler when it comes to the creative world, although there are some things I keep coming back to, like making quilts. I do need to keep the interest up and I need a good reward for effort balance. I looked up the definition of “dabble”:

 To undertake something superficially or without serious intent

Does that mean you can’t be a serious dabbler? For me there is often a lot of intent, but perhaps not the follow through once the novelty has worn off… Here is what I’ve been dabbling in today…


Giraffes: (I actually started them yesterday…)




And headbands:



It’s my sister’s birthday this week, so I whipped up some headbands in some fabrics she saw and liked in my stash to go with her birthday present.

The animals are from a gorgeous book Sew Soft Toys (available here) which has amazingly life like patterns. In the past I’ve made them from wool felt and blanket stitched them, but I wanted to use some of the fabrics left over from my autumn quilt…

Anyway, off to bed I go now to dream of the dabbling I may do tomorrow… that is after the lunchboxes, dishes, washing, dishes, sweeping…


Happy stitching to you all…



Friday, August 14, 2009

Cute as a button… and curiousity killed the cat…

Well we had a lovely weekend away sewing, chatting, eating, cutting, sewing, laughing and have now returned to normal life. Kylie took her camera so will fill you in with some action shots soon. Among my projects I did make one very cute jacket for my little Abigail…


Notice her first pair of shoes (and the one missing sock! OOPS!)

We did a little photo shoot in the new indoor laundry, so we could share it with you…

It didn’t take me long to work out the new bench top is very handy for ironing the latest project on the go – notice the mini ironing board next to Abigail!



These photos were taken moments after discovering THIS…IMG_4872
Yes – that is what a BRAND NEW washing machine looks like when a 3 year old has filled it with powder, selected a program and pushed start. If he makes it to adulthood in one piece, he better use those mechanical skills and endless curiosity for good!!! I may not need washing powder for the next few washes… if it continues to work at all!!

Happy stitching and endless patience to you all!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of my Favourite Ads

Whilst we wait and see what the Sewing Sisters got up to on the weekend, take a wee looky at this…

It makes me smile :)

I made some more bags on the weekend too, but I have to go and get some new batteries for the camera so I can upload them to the computer.

With Love


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scrappy Quilt Delights…

Thank-you for all that wonderful feedback. I have had a hard day today trying to decide which projects to take away with me on our crafty weekend. I’ll have my one year old with me so I have to be realistic… The jacket pattern is packed and I think I’ve decided on the cherries and pink in size one and I’ll make the apples and red for her 2nd birthday which is in spring!

My dear friend Kate is about to celebrate the 10th birthday of her oldest child. It is amazing how fast those years have gone since I first held her and marvelled at the fact that Kate was a MUM! (10 months before me). A tenth birthday seemed to be a big event and worthy of a quilt. When Homespun magazine published a stash buster quilt  in Vol10.3 by Keryn Emmerson, I got busy collecting and sorting all my pink and purple scraps. Thanks to Kylie and Janelle for their contributions! I was determined to make a quilt from 100% repurposed materials (I include scraps in that definition). I allowed myself to use a new roll of cotton thread! It was such a satisfying project.

Here is one block made from left over dress fabric, Kylie’s DH work shirt, an old shirt, etc..


The finished quilt came together really well. I loved this design and I’m tempted to make another one with darker “masculine” fabrics. However, it might take some time before I am ready to face the 516 half square triangles again!


I found a pink woollen blanket and a cream striped doona cover at a local recycle store. I combined them together with some of the left over blocks to make the backing. I just need to make the quilt label now!



Happy Stitching to you all,


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I had a lovely day a couple of weeks ago now at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show. Kylie and I came away inspired to complete more projects, wishing there were more hours in the day, more cash in our pockets and more storage at home for the growing stash. We completed a hands on workshop with the new Bernina 830 which was an eye opener to the possibilities…WOW! It was amazing and overwhelming at the same time… The stitch regulator was what got me drooling – I’d even consider stippling my own quilts if I had one of those! I came away content to continue with my faithful little machine for now and tuck all I learnt away for future reference.

While at the show kylie and I saw this little pattern and could not bare to walk past it. I have two daughters who could benefit from such a gorgeous jacket in their wardrobe…


Here’s where I ask for help… What fabrics should I use to make it. The jacket is fully reversible, which I love, but what combinations would be best? I have narrowed it down to four of the Farmers’s Market fabrics by Sandi Henderson that I have in my stash. But what combination would work best?


I might just have to enlarge the pattern (it only goes to size 5) for my 7 year old and make two with different combinations. I think I’ll take it with me this weekend as Kylie and I are heading away for another sewing weekend… Must go and prioritise those waiting projects.


Happy stitching to you all,


Monday, August 3, 2009

Craft Fair Finds

On Friday Yvonne and I went to the WA Craft, Quilt and Stitch Fair at the Claremont show grounds. There were so many yummy things to see and buy. I was extremely self controlled, *vbg*, and only bought some Trefle Babushka fabric from the lovely ladies at Catharina's Country Collection, and some acrylic stamps from Nicole at Craft Queen.

August 3rd 005

My friend Jenny came over today for a bag making lesson, we both managed to whip up another Pleated Beauty Bag. I used some of my favourite AMH fabric for this one. I used it earlier this year for a bag I made as a door prize & knew I needed to make one for myself too – different lining fabric this time.

August 3rd 004

DH & I have been to Pingelly twice in the last week or so, the first occasion for a wedding (which Andy had the pleasure of performing) and second time for a funeral. It was lovely to catch up with precious friends at both, it’s amazing how these occasions bring people together (lots of laughter and tears). I did make myself an outfit for the wedding, the fabric and pattern both came from work. I will post a photo later…
With Love


PS For a chance to win a copy of this cookbook Du Jour Cover - cropped , pop over to A Spoonful of Sugar and enter. It features lots of Lisa’s yummy recipes. The giveaway is open to Aussie residents only.