Monday, August 24, 2009

Saved from an emergency!!

I have been sewing away making things for a couple of upcoming markets where I will have stalls (hence the animals in my last post). It is at times like this one has a long list of “to makes” and a number of projects to finish off. It is NOT the time for your ever faithful sewing machine to die!!

It was 1pm and I was finishing up some new baby toys I’d made when the tension died and a curly mass of thread appeared underneath the fabric on every line I sewed…NOOOOOOOOO!!! What was I to do with only 5 days of sewing before the market? … Ring mum… “Something terrible has happened…” She was relieved to hear that a dead sewing machine was as bad as it got…

A couple of hours later this was the sight on my front table…


Can you tell which one is still working? The one on the left is mum’s  - I am missing the magnetic strip that holds my pins though… must get mine serviced. Thanks mum for coming to the rescue – it’s a bonus that they are the same model machine so no adjusting to do.

I kept sewing last night and finished these baby toys. I’m pleased with the way they turned out as they’ve been merely an idea in my head for a number of years now.


Here’s to the faithful sewing machine- which will remain more reliable if I get it serviced more regularly!!!


Happy stitching to you all!



Janellybelly said...

Thank goodness for you Mum's sewing machine, I consider my Mum's machine as my spare :)
The owls and butterflies are so sweet, clever you.

suzitee said...

Your baby toys are adorable! And SNAP! My sewing machine is the same model too :) Thank goodness you have your Mum nearby to help you out, it just would NOT DO to not have a sewing machine. Good luck with your stall xxx

Ruthie said...

Your baby toys are TOO cute! Do you have a pattern?

Jenni said...

Too cute! Good luck with the markets

texmorg said...

Mums are great aren't they, although my mum has never owned a sewing machine so i would not be calling on her if mine broke. Your baby toys are so cute. Very clever.
Good luck with your stall

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Mum To the rescue!
They are the best eh?
Love your stitching ideas,The Baby toys are super cute!