Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing Therapy & a Kindred Spirit Catch Up

I have been sick (I know I’m not the only one) and have lost my voice since Sunday - my DH says it’s been quite peaceful around the house! I have immersed myself in sewing therapy, and have been making plenty of noise with my trusty Janome.

August 19th 001 August 19th 021

These bags are based on the ‘Naomi’s Little Carry Bag’ pattern by Rosalie Quinlan. The scooter bag is for Kiara in Adelaide (see below) and the Pink Eiffel Tower bag is a sample for work.

August 19th 019

This bag is a ‘Not Another Green Bag’ by Red Mumma. I bought the pattern at the Amitie stand at the Craft Fair earlier this year. I can’t wait to make some more.

I have also made 12 table runners for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Conference that I am involved in this weekend in Baldivis.

On Saturday I had the joy of catching up with my Bosom Friend and Kindred Spirit Claudine, she was visiting briefly from Adelaide – she came over to meet her new nephew Callum & visit precious family & friends. She came bearing gifts, look at this gorgeous knitted bag she had made for me (from a Better Homes and Gardens pattern), as well as these gorgeous flowers.

August 19th 017  August 19th 015

August 19th 010

Me and Claudy :)

I have been reading whilst resting up too, look what treasure I found at the library this time.

August 19th 004 August 19th 005

The 2nd photo is of the Monkey Business Quilt by Laurraine Yuyama of Patchwork Pottery. I have also finished Queen of Swords – book 5 in the Wilderness Saga by Sara Donati.

We have almost reached 100 blog posts – YAY. The Sewing Sisters and I are hatching a plan to celebrate, we’ll keep you posted.

With Love



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Janelle - there is certainly a lot going around - it can be hard to escape! Glad to see that it hasn't slowed down your bag production - love your latest bags - the scooter bag is so sweet and the eiffel tower fabric is perfectly paired with the polka dots. Best wishes for a speedy recovery - I am sure you will be busy at work with the 2 for 1 sale on again.

Kerryanne English said...

Hope you are feeling much better now Janelle. Those nasty bugs are getting around - we've had it here too. I love the bags too. Sewing sounds like the best kind of medicine to me.
Get well hugs ~ Kerryanne

Traceylea said...

Hi love, sorry to hear you have been so ill, praying you are getting better quickly.
Glad that you had a lovely time with Claudy, you both look fab in the photo.
Loving the new projects, especially the bag by Red Mumma which you bought at the craft fair.
Hope all goes well this weekend with Mops.
Take care xx
P.S. i have finished Eclipse now i am waiting for Breaking Dawn which i ordered, can't wait. Have bought Twilight the movie but don't have DVD player lol.

Katherine said...

I love that when sick there is always energy for new inspiration and sewing... love the monkey quilt - might have to make a monkey pillow at least for my little monkey!!
Love, Katherine

texmorg said...

Janelle sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well, I hope that you are on the road to recovery now. Love your new bags especially the one for the shop.
You got very spoilt by your friend from Adelaide, lucky you.

Bev C said...

Hello Janelle, I hope you are feeling much better now. At least you used your "time out" well. I liked those giraffes in the last post,very lifelike. Happy days.

rachelmp said...

Nice work Janelle! I hope you are feeling better x

RebeccaMom said...

such wonderful bags, hope you get to feeling better SOON!

Jenni said...

Get well soon!
I love the Eiffel Tower bag.

Bronwyn said...

I know just how you are feeling - I'm sick too! I am so over feeling blurk - just went to the doctors ('cos family/friends 'forced' me to) just to be told that it is viral and could easily last for 4 weeks! Yippee! Glad to hear you are resting (hard for a mum to do) and reading library books! That's a great photo of you, bytheway.

Terri said...

Your work is lovely, as always! I hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Cute bags Janelle! :)

suzitee said...

Oh no Janelle...hope you are feeling better by now :) You have used your "down time" wisely though, what beautiful bags! I think I need to visit your local library, seems it is chock full of treasures!

Taylor Made said...

Hi Janelle,
Thanks for your input at the conf. I look forward to getting to know you a little better through your blog.
Bronwyn..Ps thanks for the business card tip.