Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scrappy Quilt Delights…

Thank-you for all that wonderful feedback. I have had a hard day today trying to decide which projects to take away with me on our crafty weekend. I’ll have my one year old with me so I have to be realistic… The jacket pattern is packed and I think I’ve decided on the cherries and pink in size one and I’ll make the apples and red for her 2nd birthday which is in spring!

My dear friend Kate is about to celebrate the 10th birthday of her oldest child. It is amazing how fast those years have gone since I first held her and marvelled at the fact that Kate was a MUM! (10 months before me). A tenth birthday seemed to be a big event and worthy of a quilt. When Homespun magazine published a stash buster quilt  in Vol10.3 by Keryn Emmerson, I got busy collecting and sorting all my pink and purple scraps. Thanks to Kylie and Janelle for their contributions! I was determined to make a quilt from 100% repurposed materials (I include scraps in that definition). I allowed myself to use a new roll of cotton thread! It was such a satisfying project.

Here is one block made from left over dress fabric, Kylie’s DH work shirt, an old shirt, etc..


The finished quilt came together really well. I loved this design and I’m tempted to make another one with darker “masculine” fabrics. However, it might take some time before I am ready to face the 516 half square triangles again!


I found a pink woollen blanket and a cream striped doona cover at a local recycle store. I combined them together with some of the left over blocks to make the backing. I just need to make the quilt label now!



Happy Stitching to you all,



Janellybelly said...

It's so Beautiful Katherine, I'm sure Lily will love and treasure it always.

suzitee said...

What a beautiful quilt Katherine, and so clever of you to incorporate only repurposed fabric! I'm sure she will love it. Great to see you getting into the blogging too ;)

Terri said...

Lovely - and what a great idea! The pattern is beautiful! But all those triangles... yikes!

smileykylie said...

glad you've been agonizing too, we may need to take a trailer this weekend I have soooooo much stuff, might as well stick with tradition and be over ambitious about just what I'm actually going to achieve!!

that quilt looks as lovely as I thought it would.

crikey, I better get to bed no sleep for the next two days! C ya in the morning :)

RebeccaMom said...

gorgeous quilt!

clare's craftroom said...

What a beautiful quilt and you must be very satisfied re using all that fabric .

tassierobyn said...

I love that quilt Katherine. I am sure Lily will love it. I love the way you used all recycled fabrics etc. It won't be long before we both have 10 year olds as well, at we have till next year. I love the choices for your jackets. I hope you get lot's of sewing done this weekend - sounds like fun!

texmorg said...

Katherine the quilt is so pretty, did you quilt it yourself. Have a happy crafting w/e

Bev C said...

A fantastic quilt Katherine. Great use of the material you had on hand. Enjoy your weekend away.