Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is (almost) Finished!

It’s been a work in progress since the middle of last year when I took a class with the lovely Michelle YeoCalifornia Star was it’s name and it was the challenge I was looking for.  It has been packed away under the sewing table for a few months, mocking me, “you’ll never finish me, I know you, start something and never finish it”. At that stage there was only one large circle finished, still a loooooooong way to go.

Then came a day away at Sewjourn courtesy of Jan and her giveaway, a whole day sewing.  I had a choice, chicken out and do something quick and easy or drag out the California Star and attack it with gusto.  I took the latter option and have worked away on it ever since.

And so here it is (almost) finished…..


It is supposed to have a pieced border, but I have decided it will have a plain border, maybe a small red strip and then a larger green, not sure yet, I will have to visit Karen at Somerset and get some advice.

Ahhhhhh, nothing like (almost) finishing a project, or as my buddy in crime Janellybelly says “get that monkey off your back!”

Then I have to decide how I want to quilt it!



Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Mad Mozzie' has landed

Look what Mr Postman brought to my house...



I was the successful bidder of 'Mad Mozzie' in Melly and Me's Bushfire Appeal Auction. I am a Very Happy Camper to say the least! I received a lovely card & some of Rosalie's gorgeous quilt cards too - thanks ever so much beautiful ladies.


Some more fabric 'Eye Candy' from work, 'Ava Rose' and 'Darla' by Tanya Whelan of Grand Revival Design, 'Andalucia' by Patty Young and 'Pop Garden - Paisley' by Heather Bailey.

I have started to gather some fabrics together to make some goodies for my Spring Swap partner, this swap is hosted by the lovely Linda at All Stitched Up.

With Love


Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabric Test Pattern


I grew up looking at this very familiar picture whilst waiting for my favourite childhood programs to come on TV. It used to mesmerise me, plus they played lovely elevator music in the background. Does this look familiar to anyone else?

Now Yummy Fabric does exactly the same thing!


3 Sisters, Prints Charming, Sandi Henderson and Alexander Henry

($6 a metre and $10.99 a metre)

Jitterbug, Gabriella and Polka Dot
(These are 1&1/2 metre bundles, for $5, from work - we have been having the 'buy 2 get 1 free sale', so that's 4&1/2 metres of fabric for $10!).
I find it very hard to leave work empty handed :)
With Love

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stampin' It Up

On the 2nd Thursday night of the month, I catch up with my friends Steph and Bek for 'Stampin' Up' card making class - with Ngaire Anderson. For the fabulous cost of $10 (& 2 hours of our time), we get to make 3 cards, chat, laugh, eat lollies and share what's going on in our lives - Bliss.


Bek, Me and Steph with one of our finished creations


Ngaire's beautiful designs, the middle one is DH's card for Valentine's Day

The Victorian Bush Fires were not far from our thoughts and discussions last night. Ngaire said that Stampin' Up are selling 10 select group of stamp sets with 50% of sales going towards the Australia Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal. - a great excuse to add to your stamping collection if you ask me!

Another 'Pleated Beauty Bag' (from Amy Karol - Bend the Rules Sewing) - my 10th! This one has found its way to Leigh in Pingelly.


I am planning to do some sewing for the The Toy Society's Bush Fire Toy Appeal - click on the link and join in too.

With Love


Monday, February 9, 2009

Through tears…


I have struggled to know what to say on this post.


I have spent many moments over the last few days feeling very sad and weeping for the families that have lost everything, homes, towns, family and friends.  The recent fires about 80km north of us over the weekend, some still burning, have devastated the beautiful state of Victoria where my family and I live.  Words can’t describe the horror on the news tonight and the terrifying stories from those lucky enough to escape.  My heart broke tonight seeing a young father describe how he went off to help fight the fires only to return to find his young family had perished.  Whole towns wiped out. See what’s left of the beautiful town of Marysville here.

We have a number of families from our church directly effected by the fires, please keep them in your prayers.


Australian Red Cross have been wonderful and you can make a donation here.  100% of funds going towards caring for those directly effected by the fires.

We thank God for the CFA volunteers and Fire fighters who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, for all the people caring for the thousands of people now homeless, the counselors and chaplains caring for the traumatized, the doctors and nurses healing the burns victims filling our hospitals, it is in times like these that the true Aussie spirit of rallying together and helping out really shines through.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some of Katherine's Work

I have been asking Katherine (the 3rd member of the Sewing Sisters) to send me some photos of her fabulous work, so we could feature her on our blog - today is that day!

Katherine's wallhanging
Indigo and Red Quilted Wall Hanging
30th quilt
Her Brother's 30th Birthday Quilt (Shh, don't tell him)
Abigail on her quilt
Abigail's Flannel Quilt
These beautiful pieces of art are created in the evenings (when her 4 cherubs are sleeping) and when she goes away on sewing retreats with Kylie. Bravo Katherine!!!
With Love