Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some of Katherine's Work

I have been asking Katherine (the 3rd member of the Sewing Sisters) to send me some photos of her fabulous work, so we could feature her on our blog - today is that day!

Katherine's wallhanging
Indigo and Red Quilted Wall Hanging
30th quilt
Her Brother's 30th Birthday Quilt (Shh, don't tell him)
Abigail on her quilt
Abigail's Flannel Quilt
These beautiful pieces of art are created in the evenings (when her 4 cherubs are sleeping) and when she goes away on sewing retreats with Kylie. Bravo Katherine!!!
With Love


Jodie said...

OMG - If I had four cherubs I would never get to the sewing machine !!!

Bree said...

love the red and blue - it almost looks like the Japanese fabric from Sanshi that I made my mum's christmas bag with

Christy A. said...

These quilts are super lovely and that darling cherub just melts my heart!

RebeccaMom said...

Wow! I love the indigo and red, and what an adorable little girl :)

Nuts To You! said...

Very nice work. My goodness, I have trouble getting my things done with two little girls! Maybe her children don't dump the garlic salt on the floor. Oh, the smell!:)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a talented quilter!! I seriously need to get quilting again.

Krafty KJ said...

Janelle, I didn't expect to see those photos on the blog the day after I sent them through... BTW it's the quilting that keeps me sane - my secret little addiction!

Kerryanne English said...

What gorgeous quilts Katherine has made. Thanks for sharing it.

suzitee said...

What would us mums do without the night-time lull? My sanity saver too!
Janelle, the quilt I am working on IS a Mum's Moment one (good call!!!) had best dig your pattern out, it's really lovely :)

Leanne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Janelle, I always love getting new visitors..... I love your sewing, that bag that I made with Janelle's pattern was the first thing I had ever sewn before so was pretty excited about that. Am desparately wanting to learn to quilt though. Anyway nice to meet you
Leanne :)

Kathie said...

adorable picture of abigails flannel quilt.
she is just sooo precious.

Carin said...

Darling quilts! Prayers for our friends down under. I hope you are all far away from the fires and floods. HUGS!