Thursday, January 29, 2009

oooh, Rainbow Jane

Help, I’m melting……God Bless the person who invented the air conditioner.  We have been sweltering through 43 degree C heat today and tomorrow they are predicting 45, that’s 113 F.  There’s no relief in sight as it’s 40’s through to the weekend.  So we’re all camped in the Family Room keeping cool, don’t like my chances of  a good night’s sleep though!

Onto other more important matters!  I’ve fulfilled one of my new years resolutions, cleared out the fabric cupboard and tidied up the sewing room and Oopps…….started a new project.  Just couldn't resist the beautiful rainbow of colours on Twiddletails blog of her new BOM, Rainbow Jane. Check out Anina’s new store


I have admired the Dear Jane quilt for some time but the original colours and fabrics never inspired me to have a go. 


When I saw those brights my heart started to beat faster and I knew this was the one for me.  So my first month arrived and I have completed 5 out of the ten blocks. 


It’s been a challenging and very rewarding process so far. 


I have restricted the number of projects currently on the sewing table to just 4 so that I can have a break when I get itchy fingers.

Katherine and I are off to Sewjourn on Saturday.  I was the lucky winner of a day out at Sewjourn last year and we’re off, sewing machines in hand for a day in the beautiful town of Lancefield about an hour north of Melbourne.  You really must check out the homestead and studio on Jan’s blog, we can’t wait it’s going to be a great day of sewing, chatting and cups of tea.

We’re just about to wrap up 6 weeks of summer school holidays and the kids go back to school on Monday.  The wee Princess starts school for the first time and is very excited about being a big school girl, Big Brother is going into grade 4 and isn’t impressed that he’ll have a little sister bothering him!  I also start a new venture this Monday, I’m going back to work 3 days a week, aaarrgh! It’s been a while since I’ve actually had to do “real” work, I’m looking forward to the challenge of being Office Manager of our Church and it will keep me out of trouble now that I don’t have any kiddies at home and it will help pay for my addiction…….fabric.


I have made a few quilted notebook covers to take to work.


and eaten far too much of this over the holidays, time to get back on the wagon.


Pop on over to Kim’s Blog Bitty Bits and Pieces and enter her 100th post giveaway, it’s gorgeous!

Till next time, stitching love


Anonymous said...

It is soooooo hot isnt it Kylie??!!! I am hoping that the power will hold up today as the thought of being without air-conditioning is just torture. We are the same as you all camped out with all of our beds in the living areas as that is the only cool place in the house - not much sleep here last night!! I just LOVE that dear jane BOM - yummmooooooo!!!! I wish I had the time to take it on myself because I certainly would if I did! and good luck starting work next week - how scary and exciting at the same time =] I will be sitting on this couch all day reading I think - yikes, lets pray for no bushfires!

RebeccaMom said...

Gorgeous blocks, Kylie, love the brights!

Janellybelly said...

Hey Precious friend
Your Rainbow Jane is looking fabulous already. I love your covered notebooks too, your desk is going to look so pretty :) Have a great day at Sewjourn with Katherine, an even better first day at work on Monday & most of all KEEP COOL!
Love Janelle xx

Kerryanne English said...

I'm hearing you Kylie....too hot!! At least you still have power. We lost ours at 8:30 pm last night so no air con or fans throughout the night. Lets not even think about all the defrosted food and meat downstairs in my deep freeze...uugghh!!
Stay cool my friend.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh heat yes Unbearable heat and My first summer in a House without aircon....Least til tomorrow when it'll be insatalled!!!!!! Yay!!!!
Your rainbow quilting looks great all the best with the return to work on the "outside"...And to your lil ones firt day at School.

Terri said...

Send some of your warm sunny weather our way and we'll send some cooler air your way - deal? :) Your quilting is lovely!

Kelly Mellott said...

Send some of that hot weather my way -- I'm freezing in Chicago! It's snow, snow and more snow! Love the projects -- great colors!

Jelly Wares said...

I'm felling for you in this heat Kylie... It's hot where I am too but no where near as hot as what it's been in Melbourne this week... I love that bright version of the Dear Baby Jane might have to pop on over to that blog and check it out... Good luck back at work, what an exciting new stage in your life with your youngest starting school and you entering the workforce again...

Take Care
Jodie :)

clare said...

Great blocks and I love the brights .
clares craftroom

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful bright jane quilt this will be, enjoy it,
Its sounds so hot there,

Take care

Margaret said...

Yes it certainly was hot. Our Daphne and Camellia bushes got burnt leaves, that's a first.The rest of the garden looks like it has been torched. The colours on the Dear Jane are catching - look forward to seeing it when it is finished.

Lulabell said...

Cant wait to see some more of those dear jane blocks, those fabrics are going to look wonderful

Suse said...

Hi Kylie, it was so lovely to meet you on Saturday! I'm still blown away by that amazing quilt block you were working on.

Thanks for the funny comment on my blog re the pink, um, green, socks.

Bronwyn said...

Hi Kylie! It was great to have met you last Sat at Sewjourn - what a wonderful day it was to meet some really truly lovely bloggers and crafters! I hope we can meet again soon for some more crafting - I am superimpressed with your Dear Jane project - if I had the talent and the head-space at the moment, this would be for me too!

Anonymous said...

Hope that it's cooling down for you!! I can't imagine it really. Your new BOM project is beautiful!! Sounds like you're enjoying finding something new to do! Can't wait to see the finished project!!! One day!!

suzitee said...

OMGosh...your quilt blocks are awesome! I love the brights, and the finished project is amazing! Very inspiring. Try to keep cool...hope your little ones are settling into school :)

Simone de Klerk said...

I love your Rainbow Jane! I've never seen it before. It is so happy and bright! What fun this must be to make (O: Have a happy weekend.

Kate said...

Love the bright Dear Jane - I've alwasy admired them too but not the colours, but that is going to be amazing.

Cerejeira said...

Hi Kylie, how organized is that!!!
Really liked your work.