Friday, June 26, 2009

Winter Warmers

It actually feels like winter has finally come to Perth, & with it the chilly temps & the lovely downpours of rain – but alas, no snow. We made our favourite winter weather dessert this week, Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding.

June 26th 006

(It’s not that pretty, but it tastes so good!)

The recipe came from ‘The CWA Cookery Book and Household Hints’ – page 109 if you have a copy at your house. I actually have 2 copies of this trusty recipe book, mine (45th edition circa 1997) and my Nanna’s (11th edition circa 1951! – I really must restore this precious treasure)  

June 26th 005

Yes, I managed some more bag sewing – for belated birthday presents (Ros, you know what I’m talking about). They are both very happy in their new homes.

June 26th 001 June 26th 002

Here are some more photos from my recent fabric purchases – some Christmas in July fabrics & some gorgeous Farmers Market fabrics by Sandi Henderson.

June 26th 010 June 26th 011

One last photo, looked what arrived in the post this week.

June 26th 009

This was the Homespun Mailbag prize I won back in May – 6 Mam’zelle buttons by Robert Gordon Pottery.

With Love

Janelle xx


Kuka said...

yuummmmmmmmm - that chocolate pudding looks DELICIOUS!

smileykylie said...

oh yeah baby, I've tasted that pudding and it's good. I know you left the recipe with me, just have to find it....

I bought some cute new shoes today, will include a pic with the next blog post. xxoo K

suzitee said...

YUUUMMMMMM! That pic is making me hungry :)
Your new bag is gorgeous as usual, and I love that Farmers Market fabric.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

That pudding would go down a treat right now! Winter desserts are one of the best parts of this season. Love all your new fabric acquisitions. Can't wait to see what you do with your prize buttons.

Bree said...

love the buttons and the fabric!
and really like the yellow and black from prev post!

so glad you girls had a great time together, makes me miss my girlfriends.

texmorg said...

Your pudding looks yum. The perfect end to a meal on a cold wintery night, or any night for that matter. I am loving all of your bags that you and the ladies have made recently.That is on the top of the list for the up coming holidays.
have a good weekend

Bev C said...

I am so glad that your buttons arrived. Any plans for them yet?

RebeccaMom said...

the pudding and the fabric both look yummy!

Krafty KJ said...

OK, I have to make a choc pudding these holidays... looks too good to resist. I will get a blog post done soon... I promise...

Lulabell said...

YUMMMMMY!!!! I love choc pudding. Those bags look great.

The Vintage Rose said...

Thats our familys favourite dessert. Both my children had to write it down when they moved out. I too, have the CWA cookbook and my Mum's one looks as old as your nanas.