Sunday, November 23, 2008

High Tea Anyone?


I have arrived home from a delightful afternoon of High Tea at Leaf Tea Merchants in Mt Lawley - to celebrate Traceylea's birthday. I promise you - I made sure I held my pinky finger up every time I drank my Earl Grey tea :)
Before we left to go to Leaf, Traceylea proudly showed us her completed sampler quilt - 3 years in the making. Well done babe!
I have my trial day at Textile Traders tomorrow. I thought I'd show you one of the reasons why I love shopping there.
'Farmers Market' fabric by Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie for $8:79 AUD a metre (after 20% off with TT Customer Reward Card). Lisa from A Spoonful of Sugar put me onto this amazing discovery.
Happy Day's
With Love
UPDATE - I had a great morning at TT, and I have a casual job - YAY!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh High tea...
Yep life does'nt get much better than that!
After years of dreaming and wanting to go to one...I did earlier this year and it was as imagined...Divine!

smileykylie said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that fabric Janelle, I will be thinking of you tomorrow, you will be fine, you're in your element! Love :)Kylie

Terri said...

What fun - and the quilt and fabrics are lovely. A sampler quilt is really a great idea - you could do a block at a time, as you had time. Hmmm...

By the way, the verification word is "jagworm" - just struck me as funny!


Dee said...

Good Luck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you. Just enjoy yourself and you'll do great. D. :=)

Anonymous said...

Can you hear that???
It sounds remarkably like the sound of "bells"Yes It is !
Santa is preparing and Reindeer are awaiting.
Christmas is nearing.
So You know what that means??You soon will have your secret Santa gift...
Ho,Ho,Ho...From your SS

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your high tea looks amazing!! Good luck today at TT - what could be better than working with fabric? Your farmers market looks delicious all grouped together.

Kerryanne English said...

High Tea - just my style. Actually, we had a High Tea at the Woodberry Designs Studio on Saturday but I had to prepare it, so not as relaxing as being served High Tea.

Good luck for tomorrow. Sounds like crafters Heaven and you get paid for it...LOL

Traceylea said...

The High Tea ws beautiful and thankyou so much for sharing it with me. The quilt looks great and i couldn't have done it without your inspiration and support Thanks again.
You will be fantastic at TT, no -one better for the job i say.
Love the bundles of material, they look awesome together.
Love and Kisses.

mog said...

TT beware, Janelle will never leave with a full pay packet!!! Congrats allaround my luv. What a great excuse to go visiting in Perth.

Looking forward to seeing you and the family on the weekend.

clare said...

Congratulations (can we really call it a job?)Well done , Clare's CRaftroom

Christy said...

What a beautiful high tea! Early Grey is my fave tea! Good luck on the trial day! I'm sure it's a job you will love. xx

Nuts To You! said...

Thank you! We are excited about it. How did it go yesterday?

Lulabell said...

Congratulations Janelle! If only we had one of those shops in Melbourne :(

Blossom said...

Oh My Goodness Janelle...I can't believe I've stumbled across your blog. I was just checking out 'A Spoonful of Sugar's' blog and she linked to your blog so I thought I'd check it out and then I saw your picture and realised it was you. So lovely to see all your handy work. Mum told me she thought you were moving back to Perth. It would be lovely to see you some time. Your kids are gorgeous...Rachel looks sooooo much like you!!! Take care, Ainslie xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Krafty KJ said...

Oh my goodness - look at that fabric... you will be struggling to take home more than you spend at this job!