Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Gifts

I can finally show you what I made for Sabine in Austria. She was my honeypot swap and I had such fun putting a gift together for her.


A handmade tree ornament, it had to have an Aussie theme since it was going so far from home and a strawberry ornament.  I seem to make a few strawberries each year and give them away, I love them as they remind me of Christmas, red and green and all piled high on top of a Pavlova on Christmas day!! 

We had to make a handmade card for the swap too.  I must admit I’m not a big card maker.  However my Mum’s neighbour used to make these lovely stitched cards and that was my inspiration.  I really enjoyed it, you punch all the holes first according to a pattern and then use a rayon thread to thread a pattern. Just like those nail and string pictures back in the 70’s!


I received my lovely swap parcel too which was very exciting. I was from Lyn Rigby in NSW.  Thank you so much for the cross stitched ornaments they are on the tree and looking great!


My Crazy elfs….


The tree is up and the Christmas decorating has begun, I really need to get stitching and finish all those handmade gifts I’ve started. 



One gift is ready to go into the post today, Terri was the lucky winner of the bag giveaway.  Here is a sneak peek at her fabric combination, Merry Christmas Terri, it’s on it’s way!!


Teachers presents are always something I seem to leave to the last minute, but this year I’ve got them all sorted out early. I’ve enjoyed making quilted notebooks,they are personal and useful.   I think I’ve made nearly 10 so far, can’t show them just yet as some of the recipients read this blog!

I have started another blog post all about my sewing weekend away with Katherine, that will have to wait until tomorrow, we were very busy! 

It’s so nice to be at the end of the year, I’m feeling a little weary but looking forward to having the kids home on holidays. Sleeping in, Pyjama days, going out for lunch, the beach, sewing, crafting, walking the dog, shopping, bbq’s, baking, catching up on my very large pile of reading material!!

Sending some Christmas cheer your way
PS: Forgot that I was going to include the 6 random things about me….
1. I am a natural blond, no colouring here!
2. I love beetroot jaffles, you know those things where you toast the outside and seal in the stuff in the middle, yum!
3. I wear an insulin pump
4. I cry every time I watch Anne of Greengables, and that must have been a dozen times at least
5. I’m married to the “Blogmaster” :)
6. After many years of disliking Earl Grey tea, I now love it, but ONLY Nature’s Cuppa Organic

Thanks Kerryanne for the tag! :)Kylie XO


Christy said...

What cute thoughtful Christmas gift you've made!

Blowing some magic christmas fairy dust your way! xx

Janellybelly said...

Hi :)Kylie
I was thinking of you when I was putting my strawberry decorations on the Christmas tree - they also remind me of a scene in Drums of Autumn :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the journals you have made the teachers - they are going to be thrilled! Your strawberry decoration is so sweet. Would love to see a tutorial on how you made it:)

clare said...

Almost makes me wish I was a teacher .
Clare's Craftroom

RebeccaMom said...

WOW I love the stitched card! And you need to do a tutorial on the quilted notebooks- they are adorable :)

Maree said...

Your Redwork stitcheries are just Lovely Kylie...also love the Strawberrie....

Janellybelly said...

All Hail the Blogmaster!!! & ditto to the Natures Cuppa Organic Earl Grey Tea :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, if you are not perfect in card making, who is?
I have to admit I was so excited about the card and how you made it!
And the ornaments already found their place.(And I have to join A spoonful of sugar: I am also very curious how you made the strawberry)
Thanks again Kylie

Terri said...

You are so talented! :) The journals are great and I can't wait to see the bag - I'll be sure to post a full photo when I get it!


Robyn said...

Hey Kylie :o)
Wow! Lots of yummy good stuff going on here. All gorgeous!!
Thanks for playing and welcome to my giveaway...and good luck!! *big grin*

Oh I love love love the strawberry!
Yep very Christmassy with Pav..and all the good stuff :D

Darlene said...

Those gorgeous gifts are beautiful Kylie... the card oh so gorgeous. What a great card design also - very clever..

Glad you had a wonderful time with this Honeypot Swap. It was my pleasure to host such wonderful crafters & meet new friends.

take care. Have a gorgeous day filled with creative stitching & festive inspiration!


Evonne said...

Hello Kylie, Oh too much eye candy for one post!! Your stitched card is gorgeous and I agree with Leisa that I would love to see a tutorial for the strawberry. Do you know how lucky you are to be a natural blonde... no regrowth!!! Evonne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie & Janelly

Just love your blog. I think you are both very talented ladies.
Do you sell those gorgeous handmade journals?


Carol :)
Perth WA