Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fresh from the Market

As in - I’ve just got back, fresh from the Inglewood Artisan Market. Kay and I had a very successful morning, I sold several bags/notebooks and key rings – My mother even bought a bag! (I will squirrel her money back to her, I can’t have my mother paying for a bag). I still have some bags for my Pay It Forward girls, they will be going in the post this week – and just in time too. I had a year to make & deliver my gifts from the 19th November 2008, talk about cutting it close. Here are some photos from this morning…


November 14th 013

My Bags -  PVC Totes & Shoulder bags

November 14th 014

Kay’s Bags & Kids Aprons

November 14th 015

Fabric covered notebooks, key rings, purses, beaded bookmarks etc.

I had another point of JOY this week. On Wednesday morning some fabulous friends & I went to a literary morning tea with my FAVOURITE author of all time - Diana Gabaldon. She spoke about how the Outlander series came about, did an excerpt reading from ‘An Echo in the Bone’, had a Q & A time then signed books.

Janelle and Diana Gabaldon

Me (with a ridiculous cheesy grin on my face) & Diana. I am wearing my ‘Fraser of Lovat’ kilt pin (from Mog) and some Fraser tartan ribbon. I also made her a wee gift – a bag (of course). It’s the black watch plaid tied up in white ribbon on the table.

To top it off, I’m off to another literary morning tea on Wednesday – this time with Paullina Simons. She is my 2nd Favourite author of my 2nd favourite series – The Bronze Horseman trilogy. I am going to get my birthday presents signed. I am currently reading her new novel ‘A Song in the Daylight’.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Much Love



Katherine said...

Well done with the market and all those bags - is it early to bed tonight? ...With one of those signed novels I hope! Well done!

clare's craftroom said...

By the looks of it you are lucky to have anything left for your PIFS , glad you had such a great time .

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your market stall looks amazing Janelle - I can just imagine the hours you put into to making all those bags and other wonderful products! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. How wonderful to get a picture with your literary hero!!

Terri said...

You are so very talented! And lucky, getting to meet your favorite authors! :) I am jealous!

Bev C said...

Hi Janelle, you must feel like you are in heaven meeting your favourite authors. Keep on smiling!! Happy days.

Kerryanne English said...

Janelle, the sheer joy shows on your face.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Bronwyn said...

I did an inward gasp as I read that you met Diana!!! and a photo!!! I have just started the series a little while ago (up to no. 3 now) and i am super hooked!! How did you find out she was touring? Is she coming over here???????? I am off to stalk.....

oh, and love the Fraser ribbon (my DH's grandparents were Frasers!)

Bronwyn said...

Oh Janelle - just found out that she was here in Melbourne Last Week!! Right in the NEXT Suburb!! Sigh...Hopefully another book next year?? Could that be possible - did she give any hints??

Traceylea said...

Hi Janelly, Congrats on meeting and having a photo with Diana, you look radiant. Also i am so glad that you had a lovely time at the markets.
Love you