Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kylie who?

Hi my name is Kylie, you may remember me?  My New Years Resolution will be to make more time for sewing and me time.  It’s been an interesting journey adjusting to going back to work this year, how does everyone else manage to fit to two together? So I’m here writing a blog post at 6.30 in the morning while eating my cereal and drinking my cup of tea…

Katherine and I had a wonderful weekend away, we sewed our little hearts out.  Just to prove we do it in style we took a photo of Saturday lunch, no 2 minute noodles for us!  We do indulge in plenty of extra curricular eating…..chocolate, licorice, gingerbread covered in chocolate, Christmas cake, fruit toast the list goes on…  This weekend was the first in a loooong time that we didn’t have any little ones with us, we kept listening out for the baby to wake up, but there wasn’t one! I must say, our DH’s are great in supporting our habit and keeping the troops clothed and fed while we are away, it’s always interesting to see what my children are wearing when I arrive home!


I have a very funny story that involves my DH, I am just in the process of establishing whether he reads the blog first before I can share it….this story caused Katherine and I to almost pee our pants on our sewing weekend, let’s just say it involves my DH and a patchwork shop.

I finished my nieces first birthday quilt, pity it was her birthday back in JULY!!! So now it may be her second birthday quilt…


Here’s the wee Princess receiving her certificate for grade 1 ballet exams and an award for most improved, what a star.


Well I’ve a big day ahead, wish me luck, hope you find time for your creative passion.



clare's craftroom said...

Now I'm hanging out for the DH story , lol ! So glad you had some time for creativity , good for you keep it up !

suzitee said...

Who did you say this is? Kylie? LOL, I admire that you can even think about sewing and blogging while working as well...good on you! Love the quilt, and here's to a New Year filled with crafting (I'm wishing that for me as well).

Janellybelly said...

Hey :)Kylie, I love your blog post & can't wait to hear about Darren's adventures in the patchwork store!
That quiche & salad looks delicious, the red and white quilt is superb & is Katherine hunched over because she's still in her PJ's?
Sarah looks precious, I love her toothless grin :)
Janelly xx

Bronwyn said...

Hi Kylie! Lovely to hear from you again - don't feel pressured - sewing and blogging and chatting are all meant to be fun!! Sounds like your time away was some much deserved R&R!

texmorg said...

I agree with Bronwyn and your lunch looks yum and well done to Sarah.