Monday, February 8, 2010

Quilts, quilts and more quilts!

Yesterday my daughter and I headed to the town of Loch for the annual quilt hanging. It was a girl’s day out to remember. Emily had a lovely time and by the end of the day was expert at working out if a quilt was hand or machine quilted. She also was amazed how many quilts were made of diamonds and triangles.


These were two of her favourites and she wants to start one like the latter, later this year…  Perhaps I shouldn’t have said, “This would be a good design for a first quilt”!

IMG_5739   IMG_5743

These were two of my favourites, I decided I’d like to make a three coloured quilt like this blue, yellow and white one. It had a great range of sampler blocks, alternating with a simpler, common block – very clever.

  IMG_5748 IMG_5751
Here are some of the others we saw…

IMG_5754  IMG_5755

The work on this one was inspiring – must give this style a go some time…

IMG_5741 IMG_5742

And here is the local CFA fire truck shed – transformed into another quilt hanging spot!


All in all a wonderful day, and well worth the travel time from Melbourne. Unfortunately I heard that this was the last one planned at present as the current organisers have been doing it for the last 10 years. I’d say they deserve a well earned break and a big WELL DONE! But it will be a missed event on the quilting calendar.


Happy stitching to you all,


Krafty KJ


Andi said...

Looks like it was an amazing day.
Wish I'd been there!!
Andi :-)

Janellybelly said...

Wow, they all look fantastic. Looks like Emily has caught the quilting bug :) She will have a fabulous teacher!

Elyte said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had by the both of you. I hope you shared an afternoon tea somewhere! It is an essential part of the quilting experience.

Kate said...

What fun - I love going to quilt hangings!

texmorg said...

Mother and daughter time. What a wonderful way to spend a day together.