Monday, January 10, 2011

Eye Candy

Consider this a Bag Test Pattern till we get another blog post done – soonish ;) BTW Happy New Year, we’re only 9 – make that 10 days late…

January 9th 017 January 9th 041

January 9th 020 January 9th 024 January 9th 022

January 9th 031 January 9th 035 January 9th 030

January 9th 044 January 9th 045

With Love


PS For those who have been asking, here is a photo of my DD in her graduation dress :)

December 14th 001


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Rachel looks amazing in her graduation outfit. What fun she is going to have in high school this year!

You have been super productive with your new bags Janelle- it is hard to pick a favourite - the black and white one is very stylish!!

Linda said...

Happy New Year Janelle.
Gosh I cant belive that Rachel will now be in High School, time sure goes by real fast.

suzitee said...

Oh my...she looks so gorgeous and grown-up! Thanks so much for sharing a pic :)
The bags are awesome as always...just don't make me pick a favourite!