Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too cute and cold!!

My youngest daughter is turning 3 soon and is obsessed with the water. She is very aware that we have said she can join her brother at Saturday morning swimming lessons when she is 3. Recently she found this swim set that I bought at the end of season sale and had to try it on…

Children in goggles are so funny – I had to laugh and grab the camera when she came out with these on. It’s the eyes!

IMG_0054 IMG_0053
If only it were beach weather, but no it’s too cold!! SORRY I was distracted…

My new phone was also feeling the cold as I continued in my scrap use today making a warm and protective cover for it. I just made up the pattern, but the elastic loop makes it quick and easy to slip out to answer/use.

IMG_0062 IMG_0061

I’m organising my sewing room and needed a container to hold all the pens, scissors etc on my desk. So I made this with the same left over fabric. I just covered an old tissue box with the top folded in:


The scraps are left over from this quilt which I finished on our weekend away…


There has been more scrap action here, but I’m really getting over scrappy strips. Will show you more progress soon. It’s my birthday on Saturday, so I think it’ll be a day of cutting into yardage!! I bought a new rotary cutter blade today to add to the joy…Yay!

Happy stitching!


Krafty KJ

PS. Janelle there are plenty more of these left -overs coming your way!


suzitee said...

OOoh Katherine...your quilt is gorgeous! I can't believe how much your munchkin has grown...she's huge! And so cute in her goggles :)

Janellybelly said...

Miss Abigail looks so gorgeous! Love all of your Charisma creations too ;)