Friday, April 10, 2009

No, I’m not having a baby!

The number of people who’ve asked if I was having another baby after Janelle’s last post…’re in big trouble girly!



We did have a fab time while Janellybelly was over, but not as much fun as Katherine and I did revealing our big secret.  We got together on the last day before JB went home as it was Katherine’s Birthday, we had lunch and cake and enjoyed a few cups of tea.  Then we casually presented Janelle with a sheet of numbers, a new game we’d thought up, could she figure it out? Nope.   It’s a countdown……to … “Are you coming to Perth?”   YES!  Ever seen someone sob for joy!


So Katherine and I and wee Abigail are off to Perth on the June long weekend for a visit to Janellybelly and her gang.  We can’t wait, it did make the goodbye’s a little easier this time too, only 63 sleeps till we arrive.


Janelle’s computer has officially turned up it’s toes, kicked the bucket and succumbed to the blue screen of death.  So it may be a while till she’s back on line, now the pressure’s on, I better get some posts on the board while she’s gone.

It’s Good Friday today, may I never forget the wonder, the wonder of the Cross.



A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Great photos...
You Lot share a strong bond.
Enjoy counting the days down:0

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a brilliant surprise!! Have a wonderful Easter.

clare's craftroom said...

How lovely, the countdown is on !

Kerryanne English said...

That was a fabulous surprise for her - I bet there were lots of tears of joy.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Janellybelly said...

Hey Smiley
Happy Easter via DH's computer :) He is diverting my emails to his computer for the moment. Still chuckling over the preggers comments! I am still in shock that you girly's are coming to Perth - can't wait.
Love to You & Yours from Me & Mine.
Janelly xx

suzitee said...

What exciting news! Those days will go by so fast. LOL about the pregnancy...
Have you been to Perth before?