Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bit of This and That

I made another sample bag for work, this pattern is McCall's M5598 and is designed by Kay Whitt. It comes in 3 sizes, I made the small one – which isn’t very small at all. It holds the essentials – phone, keys, tissues, comb, purse, pen & paper etc + it’s wide enough to fit a magazine. It has a groovy circular handle which means it can be carried as a handbag or worn as a shoulder bag.

May 12th 003 May 12th 005

I had a great day at work today, Yvonne brought in her newly completed kaleidoscope quilt, it looks Fabulous.

May 12th 006

I also had a visit from Mr Whippet Good, who came in to buy some fabric for his lovely wife Bronwyn – he has earnt some MAJOR brownie points. He came bearing gifts from his dear wife too, some fantastic patterns – Thank You ever so much Bronwyn.

May 12th 008

I have also been enjoying some crafty reading & eye candy from the local library, I am feeling very inspired.

May 12th 010

I am hoping to get to the Craft and Quilt Fair this Friday, it’s great to visit, shop and catch up with the interstate craft retailers.

With Love


PS 23 sleeps to go….


suzitee said...

My local Textile Traders has sold out of all my favourite AB fabrics...they must've been popular! Your library looks like it's a treasure trove of good crafty books. I am going to the Craft Show on Friday too...I'll keep an eye out for you ;) (you DO look like your photo, don't you? LOL)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your latest bag Janelle! The clever handle design makes it really versatile. Enjoy the Fair on Friday!

Christy said...

Hi Janelle! Your handmade bag is beautiful! It's so feminine and sweet! Oh, I got a new sewing machine! Finally I can work on the boys toys giveaway quilt pattern. :)

smileykylie said...

only 23 sleeps, eeep! I better get organised... Love the bag JB, it's quite cute. Yvonne's quilt is amazing, is it all pieced? Did you see rainbow jane month 5 has been shipped.....oh dear....lot's to do this weekend away sewing with KJ. Love ya K (c:

Bev C said...

Hello Janelle,

Lots of lovely sewing here. You TT girls certainly are talented. Enjoy yourself at the craft fair. Make sure you show us your purchases. Have fun.

Farmyard Crafts said...

Your library has such great books! I went to mine last week to see if they had some inspirational sewing books.... all about 20 years old I think! Really dated and not that exciting!

Bronwyn said...

Janelle!!! You are Not meant to give Me presents!! But I LOVE my bag all the same - thanks so very muchly - You were a great pal doing all that extra fabric for me - great choices - hard and long day at work - will post piccies soon - tired; need sleep - must look at fabric one more time.....

clare's craftroom said...

Another great bag , love the fabrics . I wish my library was a little better stocked . Enjoy .

Kate said...

I love the library - I am the requesting queen. I am slowly going through every craft book