Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to busy-ness

So school holidays have finished and the busy weekly routine returns again. I love school holidays and the way my children have time to remember how to play together with energy and less arguments. If that happens, I get more time to sneak away to my front room and sew a few rows of my latest project! Here’s what I’ve been up to…


Yes – here is the first project from the Glenharrow Spring Stitch In. I liked the idea of using the canvas to finish this project by Rosalie Quinlan. I used one of her new fabrics from her”Grandmother’s Flower Garden” range as the border. I finally used my staple gun that I bought to cover a chair 4 years ago. I might use it on the chair one day!!

  I’ve been having ‘scrap’ issues , so needed a bigger home for them. Thanks to ebay, a $2.65 antique hat box, and a bit of old fabric and glue, I have a new scrap home… It’s very rustic but it works – I haven’t added in my current scrap collection yet – these were just off the couch in the spare room!!


Back to quilting which is my definite passion currently. Here is one I made for my Grandmother’s 89th birthday. I bravely quilted this one myself too as it’s only 40” square. The fabric range is Odelia by Sentimental studios for moda.  I think she’ll like it.


A dear friend admired this quilt while it was waiting to be completed, so I thought I’d use the left over’s to make her a quilt… This is what it looks like so far…


I’ve been using the quilt along patterns that can be found here. I guess I’m quilting along 2 years late – but Amandajean  has done a great job at giving very simple instructions to complete each block. Hopefully there’ll be enough fabric to do the border she has done – we’ll have to see. I did manage to get extra fabric for the backing at least!


So, I guess I did get something done while those school holidays were on – sorry it took so long to fill you all in.


Happy Stitching to you all!




suzitee said...

Looks like you have indeed been busy Katherine! Your quilt is beautiful! I love school holidays too...we have just begun our second week, and it is pure bliss. Your new hat box is so perfect for scraps, I love how it looks :)

Anonymous said...

We finished our schoolholidays two weeks ago and are well into the busy schedule of the week. I absolutely love the quilt that you have made for your grand mother - I am sure she will love it.

Traceylea said...

WOW the quilt is just gorgeous, your grandmother will cherish it i'm sure. I also love your stichery, i think i might do one of those at least i don't need a sewing machine for that lol. I love my staple gun, i used to cover our dining chairs and made it so much easier.
Keep up the gorgeous craftiness.

clare's craftroom said...

Oh yes your Grandmother will love it as will your friend . Just started school holidays here I sure won't get as much done as you did !Take care .

Christy said...

Sweet and dainty stitchery! I love that hatbox too. What a pretty and clever storage idea.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I've got to make that stitchery for my daugher - so adorable! Love the quilt too.