Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friends are Forever

Whoo Hoo, our wonderful friends from Perth have arrived.  Only having to wait 4 weeks from announced holiday to arrival made for a very exciting time!  The kids have been excited because the whole family are here and that means sharing a bedroom and lot’s of crazy fun :)

We’ve already managed to fit in some sewing, Janellybelly has already finished making Melly and Me’s Sherbert bag, she’s a stitching machine, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s another beautiful Janelle creation.


This trip is especially exciting as Janelly has managed to visit over a sewing weekend at the beach house, so the sewing sisters, ALL THREE of us, are off tomorrow morning for a fun filled weekend of sewing and chatting and eating and sewing and….  we’ll update you on Sunday night with photo’s and a rundown of the weekends pursuits

We’ll be leaving the Dad’s and eight children home to fend for themselves, eat take away, go to see the doggies play the magpies, and generally let things slide into disarray until we arrive home Sunday night.  Thank you precious husbands of ours.


Here’s a photo of my finished zig zag quilt that we all started back in June when Katherine and I went to visit Janelle in W.A.  It look’s delicious on the wee princess’ bed and now I really should make a few matching pillows to finish off the look!


Today we met up with two beautiful bloggy friends Bronwyn and Jan at Handorfs chocolate shop for lunch, a chat, chocolate and coffee, yummo!  Thank you so much for taking a bite out of your busy days to catch up with us, it was lovely. Then we topped it off with a quick trip to Brandsmart outlet factory for a spot of shopping, new shoes, clothes, trinkets and other delights :)

Well, must be off, there’s fabric on the table ready to be cut up and packing to be done for the weekend (projects, not clothes, we wear our PJ’s all weekend anyway!) see you on Sunday…

Love and hugs



Jodie said...

have a great time !!!!!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks so much Janelle, Kylie and Katherine for inviting me and Jan today - it was truly lovely seeing you again - so sorry my visit was so short - drat that enforced slavery called work! - wouldn't it be wonderful to meet again Across The Desert!

Have a fantastic time at the beach - relax, have fun, laugh, cry and sew!! All the important things in life.

I am still stroking my fabric pressie.

texmorg said...

It all sounds wonderful, look after our Janelle all the way over there and your quilt looks gorgeous i am sure it is a favourite already. Have a great retreat.

clare's craftroom said...

Have a fantastic time !

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like the holiday has gotten off to a fantastic start already!! Janelle - your bag is gorgeous, the polka dot panel drew my eye immediately! Kylie - great finish on the zigzag quilt. The quilting looks amazing - the swirls in the quilting is a nice contrast to the zigzags. Have a wonderful weekend away! Lisa

Jenny said...

Love the bag, the fabric is gorgeous!

suzitee said...

How lovely to see the sewing sisters all together once more! Glad that the visit is off to a great start :) Love your bag Janelle, and that quilt looks fabulous on the bed. Have a great weekend together...can't wait to see your post showing what you've been up to!

T.J. said...

You go girlfiends. may you have a fabulous weekend of sewing, eating, sewing. chatting and oh, did I mention sewing.
Looking forward to seeing photo's of your creations.
Janelly, the bag as usual is gorgeous.

P.S Will be in landing in Perth April 5th for a visit.

Bloom said...

I hardly need to say have a brilliant weekend girls! Enjoy your time. Best wishes, Ros.

Elyte said...

What a treat for you all to spend the week end together. Hope you have fun. Have you pursued the hand stitching or all machine?

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Food,sewing Pj's and freinds all sounds sooooo wonderful.
How I would conn my hubby to be left with 8 kids though....