Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends, fabric and food.

I spent St Patrick’s day with 2 special bloggy friends, Lisa & Susan, traipsing around the West coastal suburbs of Perth in pursuit of yummy fabric and food – we were not disappointed! After starting our day at Lisa’s with a cup of tea and a nectarine cupcake (Mmmm), we headed off to Calico and Ivy in Mosman Park. I made my way to the specials cot (a vintage wrought iron cot, just gorgeous) and found some bargains.

March 18th 009

These fabrics are from Sandi Henderson’s (Portabellopixie) first range called ‘Ginger Blossom’. She has a book coming out in May called

Sewing Bits and Pieces!


Lisa and Susan managed to drag me away from the bargains to look at the rest of the store. There was gorgeous stationary, lots of creative books, luscious wool & yarn and plenty of yummy fabric. We all walked out with a brown paper bag, mine also included these.

March 18th 011

Some cute Kokka Babushka fabric – of course!

Our next stop was inspired by an episode of Poh's Kitchen (10th March) on ABC. My DH and I watched pastry chef Emmanuel Mollois make Chocolate Éclairs. I researched Emmanuel to see where his patisserie was located, thinking it would be in the Eastern States, and to my surprise found it was in Swanborne! We headed to the Choux Cafe for lunch and enjoyed a delicious meal – my taste buds were having a party. I even brought DH a chocolate éclair home.

March 18th 008

If you would like to see my DH’s attempt at Chocolate Éclairs (and have a good giggle), check out his new blog called ‘The Parsons Nose’.

After the lovely comments about my fabric stash, I have decided to do a De-Stash and share the fabric love around. I sent my friend Jennywren, and her daughter Amy, home with a bag full of fabric to create with. I will also share some as a bloggy giveaway when I get back from Melbourne – 6 more sleeps!

Much Love



Kate said...

How much fun! I haven't been to Calico and Ivy for ages - I must go.

suzitee said...

Oh my, oh my. My sugar levels hit an all time high after the macaroons last night, I think! YUM!
Can't wait to see what you whip up with the fabric :)
Off to check out your DHs blog!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Love your fabric finds and I could of gone all night without seeing the Chocolate Éclairs. Looks yummy.

Krafty KJ said...

What a lot of fun you've been having. I LOVE that babooshka fabric and the eclair does look good. Will have to remind you about the negative calories in the petit fours that get us through a sewing weekend. Only 6 more sleeps!

texmorg said...

ooo Janelle after reading Susans blog i quickly hopped over to yours primarily to say you look fantastic in the photo. Now that doll fabric is so you what are you going to make with it-a bag maybe?
Well done and in case i forget have a lovely holiday.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a fun fun time! I'm glad we get to go along!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

It was the highlight of my week!!

Hayley said...

oh yum! What great bargains. Hope you had a great visit to Melbourne and I hope you missed our horrible weather!