Sunday, May 23, 2010

It’s freezing cold – weather for stitching!

This weekend has been very cold (below zero over night) and the fire had been going almost constantly. Definitely indoors weather – those weeds in the garden can keep growing for now!  As promised I got out my new sewing machine and sewed on it lots this week. In particular I’ve been working with wool felt and using the blanket stitch on the machine – it almost looks hand done. Much faster than doing it by hand! Here’s a couple of the things I’ve been making for an upcoming market. My 10 year old wants the green crown and my nearly 8 year old loves the pink one… I just  love working with the hand dyed wool felt…


Crowns for dress-ups or birthday celebrations!


The next one’s not quite ready to show, so just a sneak peak… I have been having fun.


I can’t reveal any more about my little secret quite yet, but I can show you the results of my four years old’s hair styling (the camera has been replaced and all photos retrieved).

What is most disturbing is that my gorgeous girl looks so pleased with his efforts. Not sure that trusting her brother at all times is such a good thing at this stage in both their lives!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Krafty KJ


suzitee said...

Your crowns look great Katherine, and I bet they feel yummy too :) LOL about that hairstyle!

Janellybelly said...

I love crafting in the colder climates, it's so nice & cozy to bind quilts with them resting on your lap.
The crowns are Fab, are the kids earning theirs?
Miss Abigails looks precious!
Where does that little door lead?

Mary said...

Love the felt creations. I've never heard of glue for hair gel before - she does look pleased with herself.