Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She’s Leaving Home (and coming back after camp).

May 19th 001

I sent my first born off to camp this morning. This is her first camp, she missed year 4 camp because we moved back to Perth - and they didn’t have a year 5 camp last year. After imparting wisdom - “Be Safe, Be Kind, Have LOTS of Fun”, DH went & dropped her off to the bus. The eyes were a wee bit misty. Now I have 3 days to bind and make pillowcases for this…

May 19th 002 May 19th 005

Kathy (KC Quilting) dropped it off at work yesterday, she has done a beautiful job. The quilting pattern is called Sticky Buns (the same pattern that Kylie has on her version). Here’s a close up of the swirls.

May 19th 004

I am bag making today (Surprise, Surprise), I have a birthday bag to make and get in the post TODAY, and another bag for a swap I have organised with a fellow blogger. I’m off to the Quilt And Craft Fair on Saturday with Jenny – can’t wait :)

With Love



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope Rachel has an amazing time at school camp! She looks very grown up next to her luggage.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt top - the quilting adds another dimension to it. It will look fab with matching pillowcases.

suzitee said...

Oh my...that looks GORGEOUS! Love the quilting pattern...can't wait to see it IRL. Sob's hard being a Mum sometimes :) Hope she has a wonderful time!
The Craft Fair should be FUN! We are really looking forward to it too. Wonder what we will all come home with???

Krafty KJ said...

It looks gorgeous Janelle - all the best getting the pillowslips and binding while that big girl of your is away!

Krafty KJ said...

Please excuse my spelling!!

Linda said...

I bet Rachel was excited and how quiet is the house with one child gone. The quilt looks amazing and the quilting looks divine, she is one lucky girl. Happy bag making and have fun at the quilt show, i am not going this year :( so have fun for me.

smileykylie said...

booootiful, love it! Hope R has a wonderful time on camp and showers more than mine did while he was on camp!

Anonymous said...

What a magnificent quilt! I hope the camper comes home tired and happy - the two signs of a very good camp.

Bree said...

that is GORGEOUS Janelle, I'm so proud of you!

When you're around, hop on over and enter my giveaway and swap if you want!

Your daughter will love the quilt I know and she'll come home dirty and tired from camp.

cumquats said...

Thank you for showing me your quilt. As fantastic as it looks here it looks even better in the flesh! Kim :)