Sunday, February 27, 2011

ahh, what a lovely weekend…

Katherine and I have had a lovely weekend away sewing.  There was a fair bit of eating, laughing and unpicking as well….


It’s not Terry’s it’s mine...yum!


Managed to make an ooshka babushka or two from the Red Thread, can’t show you the other one, it’s a gift for a wee girl who’s Mum just might read this blog!


We also celebrated an 8th Birthday here in our house, Aunty Janellybelly sent over some lovely crochet edged ( Thanks Mum!) pillowcases to match the quilt, doesn’t it look lovely.

happy stitching everyone :)


Christy said...

Hello Kylie! Your ooshka babushka is soo pretty!

suzitee said...

The quilt and pillowcase look stunning! I love your babushka too...Janelly has a thing for them too (surprise surprise!)Glad you and Katherine had a lovely break :)

Janellybelly said...

It was fun sewing with you both in spirit ;) Love Sarah's Babushka & can't wait to see photos of your other creations.

RACHEL said...

Sarah's bed is now a twin of mine! Mum will have to make some pilowcases for Emily too.
Love RACHEL xx oo