Friday, February 25, 2011

That’s Collaboration

I just caught a glimpse of the date of our last blog post – I thought I’d better get one done before it clicked over to “4 weeks since the last post’.

2 out of 3 sewing sisters have been sick, I had the flu all last week and Dear Katherine has had pneumonia and is still in recovery mode – please get well soon sweetie.

I have a few photos from my collaboration with Anna from Gooseberry Bush Kidz. I love how my Girls bags match so beautifully with her Boutique toddler clothing :)

February 23rd 012

February 23rd 010

February 23rd 013

Isn’t Miette the model doing a marvelous job ;)

We in Perth, are in the midst of a humid heat wave. The only remedy is to stay indoors (preferably with refrigerated aircon) & create :) What have you been creating over the Summer (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere)?

With Love



suzitee said...

too too cute! Your little model is fabulous...and I see why these are selling so well.

Not loving this heat...not at all :(

Bronwyn said...

That is awful that you guys are sick; especially this time of the year - 'flu should only happen in Winter!!
Get better soon everyone!