Friday, June 4, 2010

Winners are Grinners, so are Runners Up.

My 2 cherubs are huge Saturday Disney fans (I am quite partial to Phineas and Ferb myself). Last December, Rachel thought it would be a great idea to send Shae, Sally and Jack (the hosts) a Christmas present. The conversation went like this – Rachel - “You make bags Mum, lets make them a bag together”. Me - “What about Jack?”. Rachel - “He can have a notebook”. I bought some Disney fabric from work and got creating with Rachel, I sewed and she ironed, turned out handles, made cups of tea, whinged… Anyway, this was the finished product.

June 4th 001

We parceled them up with a Chrissy Card and express posted them, that was the end of that – until just recently. The kids got a parcel from Saturday Disney with a letter saying they had won a runner up prize, there was much rejoicing and dancing around the house. They won a Justin Bieber cd, some pens and a signed photo.

June 4th 005

The best news was that there names will be in TV tomorrow (5th June). Why do kids find it easy to get up at the crack of dawn on the weekend when they can’t get out of bed during the week?

The Sewing Sisters are off on another sewing weekend, was it really 3 months ago that I got to join them! I have been making a few bags for gifts, orders and work samples.

June 4th 002

A denim Babushka bag made as a work sample that now belongs to my dear friend Vikki.

June 4th 004

Another rose bag for Janice

DH has also been working on a banner for my Etsy shop, what do you think?

Janellybelly Banner (2)

With Love



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Congratulations James and Rachel!!! So much fun to get a prize in the mail. We will have to listen out for your names tomorrow morning:)

Janelle - love the Etsy header!

suzitee said...

Wooohoooo...what a lovely surprise for the cherubs!
Your bags are gorgeous as usual...that deep red is to die for! Your new banner looks fab too...getting close now :)

cumquats said...

An Etsy store? OOhh, good news indeed. I love the banner. Don't worry about the early rising on the weekends, it's only a stage. Once they're teenagers you wont be able tog get them out of bed before midday! Kim :)

clare's craftroom said...

Love the new banner ! Guess where I spent $40 after I visited here the other night ? Books , books , books ! I thankyou but my bankcard doesn't , lol !

Linda said...

Sorry i wont be getting up early to watch SD but well done guys. More gorgeous bags Janelle i am so loving the rose ones, make sure you have a black one in your etsy.

Lorraine said...

We taped it for the kids to see again. When am I getting a rose bag?
Mum xx