Thursday, June 24, 2010

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours :)

I have always loved the idea of bartering. Remember this bag -

May 11th 003

I made this Ivory rose bag for Janet in exchange for these gorgeous Amy Butler ironing board covers.

June 24th 005

June 24th 006

It makes ironing a lot more fun!

A few weeks ago one of my favourite customers at work came in and gave us all some fabulous stretch shopping bags (no photo – I’ll update later). I asked her if she would make me another one for my Mum, and I’d be happy to pay for it. She said no to being paid, but asked would I please help her finish off a quilt UFO she’s had since 1998 – how could I say no!

June 24th 002

The pattern is called ‘Reef Fish’, and she did the class 12 years ago with Wendy Sier at Calico House, now known as Calico and Ivy. She did all the hard work, I just finished the borders for her.

Some more happy news! The Sewing Sisters are going here in September.


We 3 will be attending the Saturday workshop on the 18th September with Rosalie Quinlan, Leanne Beasley & Melanie Hurlston. Are you coming too?

With Love



suzitee said...

Oh how I wish I was coming!

The idea of bartering is such a good one...and looking at the yummy things that have been exchanged is fun too ;)

Linda said...

Oh you lucky duck. I know you will enjoy that a whole heap.Your ironing board cover is gorgeous, does it make the chore of ironing any better? Now i dont have anything to barter but i do want to purchase one of those bags in black.

Lorraine said...

Great ironing board covers, love the AB fabric she used.