Friday, July 30, 2010

master chefing

Last weekend we had a bit of a cook up.  Macaroon's were top of the list…..hmmm, they were not easy, how can so few ingredients go so horribly wrong? Anyhooooo, we will have another go at some stage, the strawberry butter cream filling worked out beautifully and here’s the best of the bunch, we still ate them, they tasted pretty good, even if we had to scrape most of them off the tray with our fingers and dip them in the butter cream!


Then we made Chinese pork dumplings, these were a huge success, probably because we have made them before, can’t show you a cooked one, if I stopped to take a photo there would be none left….


Then a lovely friend got us onto these delicious little morsels, Nigella Lawson’s Cheesy Feet, we made stars instead of feet, may I recommend not doing a google image search of cheesy feet without the word recipe in the search line….. These little bikkies are yummo, and all done in the food processor.


What will we cook this weekend??



Linda said...

It all looks delicious. Happy baking...and eating

Elyte said...

Will we be seeing you on television next year? Everything looks delicious.

Janellybelly said...

Andy is jealous of your macaroons! I love the disclaimer about the chessy feet image :)

Krafty KJ said...

You can make some more of those macaroons and bring them to Dear Jane tonight - they might stop me from breaking into song...!!!

suzitee said...

Yuuuummmm...your post is making me hungry! Can't say that I've ever tried to make macaroons, but judging by the "bad press" they've been having lately, I think we'll keep it that way LOL.
Great to see you blogging again Kylie...I've missed reading your posts :)

Hope said...

Those macaroons look so sweet and pretty. What a yummy post! :)