Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

Birthday cake 2

It just so happens that all our DH’s share their birthdays very close together. Katherine’s hubby Bruce had his birthday yesterday (19th July), and Kylie’s hubby Darren & my hubby Andy share their birthday TODAY – 20th July. Happy Birthday guys, we love ya heaps.

We really appreciate the way they encourage our creativity, allow us to add to our fabric stashes, and look after the kids when we go away on sewing weekends (and put up with interstate visitors!).

With Love

Janelle, Kylie and Katherine xxx


texmorg said...

Isn't that some kind of karma that all your DH's birthday are so close. I hope that you all got to spend some precious quality time together and that they have/had a nice day.
xx Linda

suzitee said...


Katherine said...

I hope you both spoilt your men today as I tried to yesterday. It's a bit more of a challenge on a work day!
xx Katherine

Christy said...

Happy birthday and very best wishes to the boys!

our shabby cottage said...

Happy Birthday boys! Aren't "tolerant" husbands the best! I have one too.

Jenni said...

Sounds like birthday cake all-round!