Friday, July 17, 2009

We have a warbling winner

Well it’s Friday, time to draw the winner of the giveaway….


We have 7 friendly Magpies who live in our front yard, the kids have started feeding them and now they come and knock on the front door to be fed.  They are actually very cute and I love when they all break into song and warble along together, it always sounds so happy.  I call it singing for their supper.


So when I had to pick a winner today I thought I would call on my maggie friends to chose one, now what do they say about not working with children and animals….


Don’t worry, nobody slipped down the cracks!  The one I call “braveheart” was happy to help out and pecked out a winner

Congratulations to
Tammy James from Girls Wear Blue Too 

You are our lucky winner.

Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway, it’s such a lovely thing to be apart of this crafty community, this is one way we can share the love.


One last photo for my boy, I think we have a budding photographer on our hands, he’s always wanting to use the camera.  Here’s one he took of the wee princess and I last week. Thanks James, my nearly 10 year old!!

Happy Stitchin


Tammy James said...

OMGoodness Kylie thanks!!!

suzitee said...

LMAO Kylie...I LOVE your "random number generator" aka Braveheart. What a novel way to draw a winner...even though he didn't pick me :( Gorgeous photo of you and your little, she looks a LOT like you. Have a great weekend xxx

Janellybelly said...

That sure beats the random number generator! Congratulations Tammy, enjoy your prize.

texmorg said...

Tammy congratulations.
Thanks ladies for the chance to win and you are spot on its a great community.
Kylie that photo of you and your daughter is just gorgeous. Your son may only be ten but he seems to have the EYE for great camera opportunity's.

Terri said...

Great photo! Love it that you used the magpies to choose a winner - congratulations to the lucky winner!

Margaret said...

Kylie what a beautiful photo of you and princess. The maggies look very comfortable at your place